Boat Rails

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Boat Rail Systems from Montana Dock Builders
Boat Rail Systems from Montana Dock Builders

Sunrise Docks manufactures our own rail systems. The following is a summary of our specifications;

Track and Trolley Rail Systems:  Made of galvanized steel for strength and durability.  For the average pleasure boat 5 pound 3” channel steel is utilized. The rail is built in 10’ sections with four supporting legs for each section.  Each leg has a foot the size of which depends upon the composition of the lake bed.  Trolleys have carpeted bunks, four corner guide-ons, and a motor and or bow stop.

Remote Control: standard on all units sold.  Comes with two remotes and also manual capabilities.

Winch: The push and pull system can be utilized where the site has little grade. The disadvantage is that the cable needs to be stepped over on the beach.  For that reason, most elect to have a gravity feed system installed.  Both winches have 6,000# capacity.  Larger winches are available in AC or DC power.  Both winches have an automatic breaking system for additional safety.


System: Custom built for each client.  Boat weight, irregularities of the shoreline, securing the rail to the lakeshore bottom and boathouse access all represent variables.