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Sunrise Docks
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This is a heavy duty dock that can withstand the roughest water.

Standard features include

Composite decking and perimeter board
3/8″ X 5″ corner steel installed in each dock corner
Fold down cleats
Completely encased tire flotation or polyethylene “tub” flotation
Near Zero Maintenance


Where wind is not a factor, these docks can be frozen in the ice.

Diving Board Option
Diving Board Option

Why select a Sunrise Floating Dock

1. One of the strongest hinge systems in the industry
2. Choice of flotation devices. Either polystyrene filled tires or polyethylene float drums. All through bolted.
3. We feature FIBERON decking, however our clients can select alternative decking material.
4. Standard on each dock are dock bumpers (choice of three colors) and fold down cleats.
5. Heavy docks that translate into greater stability. Plastic wheels can be added to the underside of the dock to facilitate winter removal.
6. 3/8″ angle steel added to each dock corner for increased strength.
7. Each dock system individually engineered to meet the requirements of our clients.
8. We obtain the permits that are required by local agencies at no extra charge.
9. We warranty what we sell.

Floating DockOptional on our floating docks include the following;

1. Heavy duty removable aluminum swim ladder.
2. Solar powered lights.
3. Mooring Whips.
4. Adjustable anchoring system. Adjustable to meet changing water levels.
5. Diving boards.